Entry 8

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I want to talk about Warcraft three heroes that didn’t get ported to dota or was taken out of dota 1 before Dota 2’s release. Like the frost wolf named Fenrir above.

The dota 1 development team use to have videoes of heroes they were working on but stopped when blurpi stopped making videos a list of heroes they planned is below

Heroes in trailer videos

  1. frost wolf
  2. Shadow wolf
  3. Rogue
  4. Stormshaker
  5. Shadow dancer
  6. Kodobeast rider
  7. Mortar team
  8. Dragon hawk rider
  9. Storm chaser
  10. Dragonspawn
  11. Shade
  12. Acolyte

Heroes that never made it to Dota 1 or were replaced or taken out before Dota 2

  1. Elder shaman
  2. Night crawler
  3. Hunger essence
  4. Mandrake
  5. High priest
  6. Final disciple
  7. Void walker
  8. Hawkeye
  9. Gryphon rider
  10. Fel knight
  11. Mountain king
  12. Blood mage
  13. Paladin
  14. Chieftain
  15. Headhunter ( changed into troll)
  16. Wind rider
  17. Grunt (should be named something different like barbarian)
  18. Demon hunter (Might be antimage.)
  19. Hyppogryph
  20. Ancient of lore
  21. Death knight
  22. Acolyte
  23. Gargoyle
  24. Frost wyrm ( might be winter wyvern)
  25. Infernal
  26. Banshee

Some of the heroes had ideas that were replaced because of bugs like storm shaker…. storm shaker had fissure with the artwork of ship wreckage in a line. And voidwalker had the art work of lifting a unit in the air with a dark circle

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I have been trying to think up a new name for vengeful spirit. I can’t think of a better name. She is miss named for real and earth spirit is missed named also. Neither hero has the same concept as Storm, Ember and void.
Image result from https://www.moddb.com/mods/return-of-the-storm/images/harpy
Some themes i want in dota.
  1. harpy
  2. elder ranger
  3. ranger with a pet
  4. constellation
  5. pet hero with a ranged summonable
  6. angel hunter
  7. alphonse elric
  8. aang and korra
  9. divine knight
  10. shinigami
  11. clay spirit
  12. remade earth spirit with a suitable remnant
  13. remade brewmaster
  14. grandma sprout
  15. dream essence
  16. bone shaman
  17. more lancer heroes
  18. more essence heroes
  19. more shaker heroes
  20. more mechanical heroes
  21. frost sniper or nitrogen sniper
  22. more spirits
  23. drunken spirit
  24. angel heroes
  25. buffalo hero
  26. better healers in the game
  27. more movement disruption heroes like disruptor
  28. heroes from fighting games and other games like crash bandicoot and scorpion
  29. faithstroke

Heroes based on one big spell idea

  1. crystals revolve around a hero and when you shoot it the crystal slows enemies in the area. you or an ally can shoot the crystal
  2. theres like six different heroes that become stronger when an enemy uses a spell or has too much mana
  3. freeze an enemy passively when you attack them
  4. Sniper healing allies when he or she shoots an enemy
  5. vampiric aura that heals surrounding allies when the hero attacks
  6. vampiric aura that heals a target when allies attack
  7. have a shield that absorbs mana from enemies
  8. a passive that ministuns when an enemy or ally casts an ability
  9. spark wraith that attacks an enemy when they come near the hero instead of the area
  10. i want this for axe to be honest it will make rubick his ally but to force people to channel and take damage if they move.
  11. want this for elder titan or bane or puck but acid spray with the animation of spirits doing battle
  12. five heroes that function passively like aghnims for their ultimate i just dont know if the hero should provide both teams with new abilities
  13. want this for brewmaster but spitting out rocks while spinning in a circle

other ideas

points with announcements keeping track of everything in the game instead of just kills. like saving people, letting them go, stun lock, healing,