Dota Patch Dreams 12/2/21

II.S Table of Contents

Introd : II.S Table of Contents
Introd : II.S Changelog
Introd : II.S Preface
Idea 1 : LI.S Martyr
Idea 2 : LI.S Twin Coin
Idea 3 : LI.S Spotlight
Idea 4 : LI.S 7 Spells To Each Heroes
Idea 5 : LI.S Great Teacher
Idea 6 : LI.S Replaceable Abilities
Idea 7 : LI.S Nerf Abilities
Idea 8 : LI.S Drow Ranger Changes
Idea 9: LI.S Brewmaster Changes
Idea 11: LI.S Techies reimagined
Idea 12: LI.S Rubick Changes
Idea 13: LI.S Spirit Link Changes
Idea 14: LI.S Spirit Breaker Changes
Idea 15: LI.S Lycan Changes
Idea 16: LI.S Sniper Changes
Idea 17: LI.S Ability Idea 1
Idea 18: LI.S Ability Idea 2
Idea 19: LI.S Hot Key Changes
Idea 20: LI.S Essences and Willows
Idea 21: LI.S Fujin
Idea 22: LI.S Dream Essence
Idea 23: LI.S Tower Controller Hero
Idea 24: LI.S Bonecaster
Idea 25: LI.S AOE Manipulator
Idea 26: LI.S Zerg Hero
Idea 27: LI.S Summons Manipulator
Idea 28: LI.S Aghanims Changes
Idea 29: LI.S Aghanims Hero
Idea 30: LI.S Swamp Bird
Idea 31: LI.S Lightning Bird
Idea 32: LI.S Nightwolf
Idea 33: LI.S Ability Idea 3
Idea 34: LI.S Whats Fun About The Game
Idea 35: LI.S Problems With The Game
Idea 36: LI.S Item Idea
Idea 37: LI.S Legend of Legaia Idea
Idea 38: LI.S Soccer Player
Idea 39: LI.S Enchantress Changes
Idea 40: LI.S Ability Idea 4
Idea 41: LI.S Hero Ideas With No Development
Idea 42: LI.S Puppet Master
Idea 43: LI.S Item Idea 2
Idea 44: LI.S Attribute Changes
Idea 46: LI.S Ability Idea 5
Idea 47: LI.S Item Idea 3
Idea 48: LI.S Treads Upgrade
Idea 49: LI.S Ability Idea 6
Idea 50: LI.S Ability Idea 7
Idea 51: LI.S Zeus Changes
Idea 52: LI.S Ability Idea 8
Idea 53: LI.S Malefice
Idea 54: LI.S Silencer Changes
Idea 55: LI.S Ability Idea 9
Idea 56: LI.S Abathur
Idea 57: LI.S Bioengineer
Idea 58: LI.S Tomb of Knowledge Changes
Idea 59: LI.S Hood
Idea 60: LI.S Dispatch
Idea 61: LI.S Ability name
Idea 62: LI.S Ability name 2
Idea 63: LI.S Ability 10
Idea 64: LI.S Ability 11
Idea 65: LI.S Mechanic
Idea 66: LS.S Dreamgazer
Idea 67: LS.S Mechanic
Idea 68: LS.S Dreamgazer
Idea 69: LS.S Arctic Wolf
Idea 70: LS.S Faithstroke
Idea 71: LS.S Stormshaker
Idea 72: LS.S Doom
Idea 73: LS.S Abaddon Changes
Idea 74: LS.S Ancient Apparition
Idea 75: LS.S Antimage
Idea 76: LS.S Arc Warden
Idea 77: LS.S Queen of Pain
Idea 78: LS.S Bane
Idea 79: LS.S Axe
Idea 80: LS.S Bloodmaster
Idea 81: LS.S Bounty Hunter
Idea 82: LS.S Brewmaster
Idea 83: LS.S Chaos Knight
Idea 84: LS.S Chen
Idea 85: LS.S Death Prophet
Idea 86: LS.S Elder Titan
Idea 87: LS.S lycan
Idea 88: LS.S Weaver
Idea 89: LS.S Windrunner
Idea 90: LS.S Rename changes after 2021 TI
Idea 91: LS.S Heroes that need an ability replacement nerf
Idea 92: LS.S Nature’s Prophet
Idea 93: LS.S Silencer
Idea 94: LS.S Slark
Idea 95: LS.S Hunger Essence
Idea 96: LS.S Shadow Wolf
Idea 97: LS.S Rogue
Idea 98: LS.S Storm Lizard

Idea 99: LS.S Howling Moon
Idea 100: LS.S Shadow Dancer
Idea 101: LS.S Kodo Beast Rider
Idea 102: LS.S Mortar Team
Idea 103: LS.S Dragon Hawk Rider
Idea 104: LS.S Storm Chaser
Idea 105: LS.S Dragon Spawn
Idea 106: LS.S Ice Yeti
Idea 107: LS.S Acolyte
Idea 108: LS.S Shade
Idea 109: LS.S Earth Harpy
Idea 110: LS.S Death Harpy
Idea 111: LS.S Crimson Harpy
Idea 112: LS.S High Priest
Idea 113: LS.S Ancient of Lore
Idea 114: LS.S Other hero ideas

II.S Changelog

6.19.19 Morning
– Changed Formatting to look more professional
– Added idea 49 – 52
– added change log and preface
6.19.19 Noon
– Added idea 49 – 55
– updated problems with game (12 – 19)
– Updated Ogre Magi with more changes
– Added ability idea 6 and 7
– idea 56
– fix date on changelog
-added malefice
– added silencer changes
– added ability 9
– added abathur
– added Bio Engineer.
– Hood
– dispatch
– ability name
– ability name 2
– ability 10
– ability 11
– added a mechanic
– headshotremake
– Probllem with no teamwork tutorials. everyone should be shown how each hero can be played with teamwork and thats a problem with this game. everyone thinks selfishly.
– Added Dreamgazer, Artic wolf, Faithstroke, and Stormshaker
– Doom Abaddon Ancient Antimage Arc Wareden Queen of Pain Bane Axe Bloodmaster Bountry Hunter Brewmaster Chaos Knight Chen Death Prophet Elder Titan Lycan rework
– Mechanic rework
– changed twin jester to twin coin
– changed why you so serious to Roller Derby
– completely changed spotter even changed the name to spotlight

– got rid of duplicates and changed some other suggestions
– Changed roller derby to snake eyes

– changed description of great teacher ability

II.S Preface

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to read this. It displays all of my ideas i remember up until this point. I created this because i want my ideas to get implemented. I don’t want to take over the game but I do have ideas i want implemented. I would like to be part of the development process. I enjoy making suggestions for the game but would enjoy the game more if my ideas were implemented. I have over 50 ideas in this log. Some ideas are really short and others are really long.

LI.S Martyr

ability 1
sacrifices his own life to keep his allies safe from death’s grip…whent he ability is over martyr is revived.

turns a creep into a disciple (ability 2)
disciples have two abilities
auto cast heal
sets cooldowns of all hero spells in targeted area to zero
sacrifices self to replenish mana of surrounding allies

ability 3
causes allies and enemies in the are to take damage when they cast a spell andd greater damage when they get a kill

ability 4
links himself with an enemy hero…what ever damage one takes the other takes amplified damage. Dispels spell immunity for both heroes and causes both heroes to take amplified physical and spell damage. if one dies the other takes strong damage.

LI.S Twin Coin

killing joke
no idea

fickle trickery
no idea

twisted fate or fatal twist
no idea

Snake Eyes
no idea

LI.S Spotlight

Sends enemies who come into range of the Player to be transported to the past.

Ability 1
Targets an ally with an ability that allows them to heal when other allies attack.

Ability 2
Puts a cooldown on the hero’s autoattack but Increases the attack range of an ally or enemy

Ability 3
Shares a portion of his item’s stats with an ally

Aghnim’s scepter
sends both allies and enemies surrounding the target to the past.

LI.S 7 Spells To Each Heroes

abilities…this will make creating heroes harder but it will allow for more freedom for players and make the game harder to master but more fun to play

LI.S Great Teacher

gants allies and enemies an additional unique ability to their arsenal (think aghnims hero)
other abilities i have no idea

LI.S Replaceable Abilities

head shot
inner beast
degen aura
vengeance aura
wrath of nature
nature’s call
battle hunger
presence of the dark lord
midnight pulse
heartstopper aura

LI.S Nerf Abilities

legion commander
blood rite

LI.S Drow Ranger Changes

Change her name into Constellation

Ice Pact
no idea

shrouded hope
no idea

no change

this ability seems useless. it has no real strength to it anymore.

frost arrows
combined with marksmanship

have several orbs orbit drow ranger. when she attacks the orbs they explode then slow enemies in the area

LI.S Brewmaster Changes

replace drunken brawler with Earth Dance
spins in a circle spewing out Rocks and damaging any enemies that take damage. Think blade fury or counter helix with dragon knight’s fire breath if it spewed out earth instead of fire.

LI.S Techies reimagined

Name him elric and replace his model with a hero who is a suit of armor that is sentient. Change his abilities and animations to scrying like in the anime

to effect a targeted ally as well as bear and lone druid

LI.S Spirit Breaker Changes

completely change him hes annoying to play against and requires too much team work and high level play to be good against

LI.S Lycan Changes

make lycan a female and make name lycanthrope

summon wolves
make an ultimate where the wolves are dependant on his mana for life expectancy and damage

a regular ability

LI.S Sniper Changes

sniper functions more like a marksman than a sniper. He doesn’t give slow, powerful, long attacks, and he can be given speed items to decimate an enemy from afar. Snipers shoot slow not fast. He should get damage items like deslotor and mkb not speed items like mjollnir… also he should counter strength heroes.

LI.S Ability Idea 1

keeps enemies from teleporting in or out of the targeted area.

LI.S Ability Idea 2

a targeted ally gives allies the ability to survive death or evade enemy spells but the target doesn’t have this ability.

LI.S Hot Key Changes

turn A, Q, and Z into shift keys that can be pressed at the same time as another button to activate a spell, item, etc

LI.S Essences and Willows

Wind Willow
Blood Willow
Rain Essence
Shadow Essence

LI.S Fujin

A wind hero

LI.S Dream Essence

a dream hero his abilities function like being inside a dream think elder titan with more craziness

LI.S Tower Controller Hero

A hero that manipulates towers and siege creeps

LI.S Bonecaster

A hero obessed with bone magic

LI.S Zerg Hero

Basically the hero has atleast 2 spells with summons that can morph into other creatures

LI.S AOE Manipulator

Think invoker if he placed aoes. Basically if you stack aoes the aoe changes to a unique aoe.

LI.S Summons Manipulator

basically think invoker if he manipulated his summmons…stack quas wex exort on summons to morph them into other cratures or activate other spells in the summons

LI.S Aghanims Changes

Spit aghanims into two items

  1. boosts an ability of a hero
  2. adds another additional ability to a hero

LI.S Aghanims Hero

Ability 1
Hidden Obscurity
Makes the abilities of enemies worse on the map

Removes the ultimate from an enemy for x seconds

LI.S Swamp Bird

A hero with the theme of a swamp and water feather animal

LI.S Lightning Bird

A hero with the theme of a Lighting animal

LI.S Nightwolf

Native american themed hero
Dream Catcher
no idea what ability should do

Two Spirited People
no idea what ability should do

Lucid Dream
no idea what ability should do

Guiding Spirits
No IDeaa what ability should do

LI.S Ability Idea 3

Date Created May 5 2019
protecting an enemy hero to gain an advantage during battle

LI.S Whats Fun About The Game

  1. using and buying items
  2. interacting with allies and enemies
  3. Casting spells

LI.S Problems With The Game

  1. getting people to do team work
  2. players that insult teammates
  3. how long it takes to farm
  4. not knowing how to gain experience
  5. hackers
  6. the fact that losing doesn’t feel like an accomplishment
  7. not learning the game for casual players
  8. losing your ability to play when you have left the game for awhile
  9. the fact that most people try and learn one hero and don’t play all the heroes.
  10. why does everyone want to be a carry saw someone try and carry with disruptor the other day
  11. not being rewarded for the position that wards/ roams / dewards/ stacks camps etc
  12. The game makes you want to play after you lose, the emotion is so great that you feel forced to play again
  13. an item for auto attackers hasn’t been created (it would be helpful if you could deny by auto attacking with this item also) don’t punish us auto attackers for having a different strategy.
  14. requires to much to learn
  15. learning should be more fun
  16. the game is overly fun for the winnig team and overly not fun for the losing team
  17. the game is too addicting.
  18. People don’t know how to help people get better at the game
  19. players don’t listen to a competent respectful experienced player and there are too many disrespectful incompetent experienced players (when i say competent i mean they focus on the wrong things when giving assistance)
  20. no team play tutorials – tutorials are made for selfish players and not teamwork. everyone should be shown how each hero can be played with teamwork and thats a problem with this game. everyone thinks selfishly.

LI.S Item Idea

Shortens the duration of disables aned causes your spirit (think death prophet ultimate) to roam around outside your body attacking enemies and healing allies when stunned.

LI.S Legend of Legaia and My little pony idea

incorporate the trees some how

LI.S Soccer Player

a hero that is a sports player

LI.S Enchantress Changes

aghnims gives the abilty to have all allied players to learn nature’s attendants as a fifth ability slot.

LI.S Ability Idea 4

A chain spell that repositions all units hit by the spell into the target

LI.S Hero ideas

Shadow Hound

LI.S Puppet Master

Hypnotizes surrounding enemies into a targeted ally

attaches a doll to a targeted enemy. the doll copies any spell attacks the enemy takes and deals it to surrounding enemies.

LI.S Item Idea 2

Reduces ranged attack damage from enemies by 80%

LI.S Attribute Changes

change names to
Agilty > Dexterity
Intelligence > Wisdom
Strength > Patience

  • Add more attributes to the game…. not too many but more.
  • Add debuff and disable duration reduction
  • replace damage aoe with increased damage aoe for allies but not for self to an attribute…this will make support stronger because carries will need to buy items or keep a support alive just to deal damage. Killing supports becomes a priority in team battles.

LI.S Ability Idea 5

Dispel BKB or allow allied spells to go through bkb. possibly good for aghnims hero

LI.S Item Idea 3

Disables can be canceled after being attacked by 3 spells.

LI.S Treads Upgrade

– Provides AOE Stat switch

LI.S Ability Idea 6

Summons who life is dependant on the heroes mana

LI.S Ability Idea 7

Target ally’s mana stays in place

LI.S Zeus Changes

Teleports all enemies hit by arc lightning into the first targeted unit.

LI.S Ability Idea 8

Passively Gives the ability to travel through tree and up and down cliffs.

LI.S Malefice

A soul manipulator
model looks like ermac from mortal kombat 10

LI.S Silencer Changes

Name to Inquisitor

Global silence name to Suppress
Global silence aoe changed to 2500/2700/2900

LI.S Ability 9

Creates an illusion every second for x seconds.

LI.S Abathur

can spawn summons that morph into other creatures

LI.S Bioengineer

can spawn summons that morph into other creatures and spells when spells are casted on them.

LI.S Elephant Rider

What name implies a hero that mounts an elephant.

LI.S Tomb of Knowledge Changes

Name to Andarc’s Journal

change what it does. Now it takes an ability from self and gives it to an ally.

LI.S Hood

A hooded assassin whos theme is death.

LI.S Dispatch

dashes from one random edge of an aoe to another random edge of the aoe dealing splash damage to enemies in the heroes path. Lasts for five dashes.

LI.S Ability name

lifeless breathing name from lovefox

LI.S Ability name 2

Shadow Whisper

LI.S Ability 10

an aoe with the mechanic to send enemies to the center when they travel to the edge.

LI.S Ability 11

a passive that puts any debuff or disablre placed on the hero onto surrounding enemies. Cooldown of 15 seconds.

LI.S mechanic

there is a chance that ranged attacks will collide with each other dealing aoe damage.

LI.S headshot remake

level 1 -Sniper fires a shot that disables an enemy’s ability to travel faster than 295 Movespeed. They also get a concussion and all their abilities get weaker by 10% (Explained in in-depth section).
level 2 -Sniper fires a shot that disables an enemy’s ability to travel faster than 275 Movespeed. They also get a concussion and all their abilities get weaker by 20% (Explained in in-depth section).
level 3 -Sniper fires a shot that disables an enemy’s ability to travel faster than 255 Movespeed. They also get a concussion and all their abilities get weaker by 30% (Explained in in-depth section).
level 4 -Sniper fires a shot that disables an enemy’s ability to travel faster than 235 Movespeed. They also get a concussion and all their abilities get weaker by 40% (Explained in in-depth section).

LI.S Ability 12

A stun where chain lightning springs from the stunned target

LI.S Ability 13

Casts a spell that gives 95% spell resistance in an aoe but doesn’t give protection against spell effects.

LI.S Ability 14

Casts forked lightning but instead of hitting once and disappearing it stays attached to enemies it strikes and deals damage per second. Lasts on special enemies longer than the others. Special enemies are randomly chosen.

LS.S Dreamgazer

Ability 1 – Sequence
A chain ability where the victims teleport to the first target. Thinking of having it where it is delayed like x marks the spot

Ability 2 – Mana locks

Ability 3 – Far Sight
Reveals an area anywhere on the map increasing ally ability cast range and lowering enemy attack range in the area

Ability 4 – Low orbit
causes a moon to revolve around an enemy. Any ally hit by the moon is healed and given extra damage. Each cast causes a new moon to surround the enemy.

LS.S Mechanic

Windwalk Rework
Right now when you use detection its still hard to see the player controlled unit. I was thinking something similar to astral spirit only a different hue

LS.S Arctic Wolf

LS.S Faithstroke

Ability 1 – Eagle Aim
A chain attack that causes her to increase the attack range and precision of allies

Ability 2 – Fetter
the more range an attack has the more damage it deals for allies of faithstroke and herself. Slows movespeed

Ability 3 – Hawthorn
Gives a chance to deal critical damage and speed up attacks when attacking near trees. Gives flying vision. Gives this passively when activated it alllows her to pass through trees.

Ability 4 – Mirror Bracer
Whenever Faithstroke is attack she creates an illusion of herself also returns a percentage of damage dealt to her. really short cooldown.

LS.S Stormshaker

Abiliy 1 – Shipwreckage
Slams the ground, creating an impassable ridge of shipwreckage while stunning and damaging enemy units along its line. Enemies near it cannot travel away from it after regaining consciousness

Ability 2 – Eye of Light
Creates an immoble spirit that sends out a chain lightning every few seconds.

Ability 3 – Charm
Turns a neutral into a raven. The raven cannot attack but can carry items and have abilities on that summonable influence stormshaker

Ability 4 – Playful tactics
A global attack that causes enemies to be all silenced while allies are all disarmed. Then it disarms allies while silencing enemies. Repeats twice.

LS.S Doom

Change doom’s Theme and model into a confessor which is a female holy knight.
Doom can be changed into Confess or whatever kahlan did to people in sword of truth.

LS.S Abaddon Changes

Change 1 – Posession
Replace Mist coil
possession allows abaddon to cast berserkers call on an ally. The ally has 100% damage block and all damage is transfered to Abaddon

Change 2 – Rework curse of avernus
Any status effect influencing abaddon is used on surrounding enemies.

Reason for this change
It allows abaddon to tank more and it counters some of his weakpoints. Like orchid and doom

LS.S Ancient Apparition

Change 1 – Causes Ice Vortex to have a lowered cooldown and to be auto casted. Increased mana

LS.S Antimage

Change 1 – Absorb Magic
replaces mana void
Whenever a spell is used near antimage the enemy caster takes damage for three seconds. and antimage gains additional life, damage lowere cooldown on his abilties.

Change 2 – Meditate
Replaces Mana break
Channels and becomes immune to attacks and spells. Creates illusions of himself that deal mana break to nearby enemies. can be used to teleport out with a tp scroll

LS.S Arc Warden

Change 1 – Field of Vision
replaces megnatic field
Causes any illusions in the area to be charmed by arc warden while active. All of Megnatic fields previous abilities are still kept all illusions captured have the the same abilities as tempest double

Change 2 – Tempest Double rework
Instead of having an illusion now it is a ward that causes enemies abilities to go on cooldown when ever an ally casts an ability. After a number of usages it gets spent.

LS.S Queen of Pain

Change 1 – Take nightmaire away from bane and put it on queen of pain replacing shadow strike

LS.S Bane

Change 1 – Brain Sap rework
When you brain sap it replenishes life to allies surrounding bane and the enemy being damaged. Also it lowers movespeed

Change 2 – Night Terrors
replace Fiend’s Grip
Acid Spray that has a different animation also lowers attack range of enemies. Enemy Illusionns die after three hits in the fog.

Change 3 – Panic Attack
replace enfeeble
A passive ability that applies healing block to all enemies on the map if an enemy is healed their life regen is lowered by a set amount also whenever an enemy is healed the next damage dealt to allies above 100 is blocked and collected as mana regen for allies nearby the healed enemy.

Change 4 – Blanket of Fear
replaces Nightmare
Sends a swarm of horror personified to lower enemy movespeed and savage the enemy units in front of Bane

LS.S Axe

Change 1 – Barbarianism
replaces battle hunger
A passive that reveals nearby invisible enemies but they cannot be attacked physically until proper detection is purchased. Also this ability causes increased radius damage around axe

Change 2 – Culling Split
replaces culling blade
Dunks on an enemy and splits them into two heroes with 1/4 of their damage, life, and mana. If the enemy has low health they are instantly killed

LS.S Bloodseeker named changed to Bloodmaster

Change 1 – Bloodbath
replace thirst (also ultimate)
Plunges himself in blood with a special ritual causing nearby allies to become invulnerable to physical damage as long as they stay around him

Change 2 – Rupture rework
Stuns and deals damage to a single enemy after sometime.When cast on an enemy that enemy is stunned and damaged for how far they traveled after the time limit bursts.

Change 3 – Pulse
no idea

LS.S Bounty Hunter

Change 1 – Trace
Replace Shadow walk
When active allows you to see nearby invisible enemies. Also when activated plays back enemies who use to be in the area and allows an hallucination to play back their steps until you see them.

LS.S Chaos Knight

More of a nerf because he is so powerful

Change 1 – Ensquire
Replace chaos strike
Causes Chaos knight to become symbiotic with an ally. For exchange for a few minutes of spell and damage immunity chaos knight gains a small % of the bonuses from a protected allies’ item pool.

LS.S Chen

Change 1 – Divine Favor
Globally Increase damage and life and strength to allies. When an ally gets a kill damage, life and strength is increased for allies

Change 2 – Pentinence rework
Slows an enemy and heals and dispels allies surrounding that enemy
Change 3 – Nascene Prayer
replace hand of god
a single ally is protected from poisons. Every poison in the game heals the immune ally.until the antidote runs out. Additionally heals over time heal for % extra.

Change 4 – Holy Persuasion
Allows chen to capture neutral creeps and summonables for his personal army.

LS.S Death Prophet

Change 1 – Purlieu
Replace Spirit Siphon
Has a spirit hover around an enemy blocking and sending back any damge they cast at any ally.

LS.S Elder Titan Rework

Change 1 – Astral Spirit rework
Cast on an ally and turn them into an astral spirit and gain all of the astral spirit benefits and visuals

Change 2 – Elder Guardian replace natural order
Auto-cast ability that Ministuns both Elder Titan (turning him into a stone statue of himself or he can become the astral spirit) and his attacker when he is attacked any kind of way but completely evades the attack.. It is just phase shift that ministuns the enemy. Can be cast on an ally.

Im thinking elder titan can cast phase shift on luna to help her evade lina’s laguna blade.

LS.S lycan

change 1 – wolves rework
Creates two wolves that absorbs 70.0% of incoming damage in exchange fo Lycan’s mana. Provides bonus mana capacity.

LS.S Weaver rework

Change 1 – Parasite
Creates a doll that the enemy controls and must keep near his hero. The further away the doll is the more damage the enemy absorbs over time.

The doll absorbs a portion of any physical and magical damage the enemy team deals. Allies and enemies cannot attack the doll and the doll cannot physically attack.

The doll is controlled by the enemy it is poisoning

Change 2 – Permutation
Causes an enemy to gain an infection that has younglings hurl themselves from the infected enemy to enemies within a 500 radius. Does this everytime he is attacked.

Change 3 – Change Name to Weaving Spirit

Change 4 – Weaving Remnant
Summons a immobile Spirit that slowly materializes and patrols a targeted area until an enemy comes within its range. Once a target has been found the Remnant dispatches attacks at the enemy in range. Remnant doesn’t move

Change 5 – Time Lapse
The only two thing i would change is having charges and having it where you can cast on allies without buying shard or scepter

LS.S Windrunner Rework

change 1 – she needs a global ability

LS.S Rename changes after 2021 TI

Change 1 – Make a personality for crystal maiden that allows her to be a frost sniper
change 2 – death prophet into death Ranger and remodel
change 3 – rename natures prophet to sprout
change 4 – rename puck to earth spirit

LS.S Heroes that need an ability replacement nerf

Change 1 – marci
change 2 – mars
change 3 – troll warlord
Change 4 – spirit breaker
change 5 – thirst

LS.S Nature’s Prophet

change 1 – He needs to have more powerful summonables that take time to grow

LS.S Silencer

change 1 – Change ultimate name to suppress
change 1 – lower radius of Global silence from global to 3000 radius

LS.S Slark

Change his ultimate where it turn himself and an ally invisible until one of them breaks invisibillity.

LS.S Hunger Essence

LS.S Shadow Wolf

LS.S Rogue

LS.S Storm Lizard

LS.S Howling Moon

LS.S Shadow Dancer

LS.S Kodo Beast Rider

LS.S Mortar Team

LS.S Dragon Hawk Rider

LS.S Storm Chaser

LS.S Dragon Spawn

LS.S Ice Yeti

LS.S Acolyte

LS.S Shade

LS.S Earth Harpy

LS.S Death Harpy

LS.S Crimson Harpy

LS.S High Priest

LS.S Ancient of Lore

LS.S Other Hero ideas

  1. Crimson Dancer
  2. Shade
  3. Night crawler
  4. Final disciple
  5. Mandrake
  6. Hawkeye
  7. Void Walker
  8. Blood mage
  9. Paladin
  10. Headhunter ( Use to be troll warlord)
  11. Wind Rider
  12. Demon Hunter
  13. Angel Hunter
  14. harpy
  15. elder ranger
  16. ranger with a pet
  17. constellation
  18. pet hero with a ranged summonable
  19. alphonse elric
  20. aang and korra
  21. divine knight
  22. shinigami
  23. clay spirit
  24. remade earth spirit with a suitable remnant
  25. remade brewmaster
  26. grandma sprout
  27. dream essence
  28. bone shaman
  29. more lancer heroes
  30. more essence heroes
  31. more shaker heroes
  32. more mechanical heroes
  33. frost sniper or nitrogen sniper
  34. more spirits
  35. drunken spirit
  36. angel heroes
  37. buffalo hero
  38. better healers in the game
  39. more movement disruption heroes like disruptor
  40. heroes from fighting games and other games like crash bandicoot and scorpion
  41. crystals revolve around a hero and when you shoot it the crystal slows enemies in the area. you or an ally can shoot the crystal
  42. theres like six different heroes that become stronger when an enemy uses a spell or has too much mana
  43. freeze an enemy passively when you attack them
  44. Sniper healing allies when he or she shoots an enemy
  45. vampiric aura that heals surrounding allies when the hero attacks
  46. vampiric aura that heals a target when allies attack
  47. have a shield that absorbs mana from enemies
  48. a passive that ministuns when an enemy or ally casts an ability
  49. spark wraith that attacks an enemy when they come near the hero instead of the area
  50. i want this for axe to be honest it will make rubick his ally but to force people to channel and take damage if they move.
  51. want this for elder titan or bane or puck but acid spray with the animation of spirits doing battle
  52. five heroes that function passively like aghnims for their ultimate i just dont know if the hero should provide both teams with new abilities
  53. want this for brewmaster but spitting out rocks while spinning in a circle
  54. Elder Moon