Primal Beast Review

Primal Beast is a fun hero to explore the game with. When I use him, I feel nervousness, protectiveness and I want my allies to take risks.

I feel nervousness because the hero is so slow with three fourths of his abilities requiring melee combat. and the player has to predict when to enter in battle. The player shouldn’t just enter into battle randomly or the player gets themselves and their allies sniped. All of his abilities are strong but not overpowered to the point of not being fun. Also, Pulverize gets cancelled by silence abilities. It really should be a normal ability.

I feel protective when I explore this hero because when I use him his abilities are so strong and he takes so long to activate things that he can protect allies when enemies overextend themselves. He has the ability to punish enemies for being violent.

As primal beast, I want my allies to take risks and overextend because my abilities are decent enough to where I can accomplish punishing enemies for trying to Rambo. Rambo players are annoying and a real problem in low tier games. Half the players try to get thirty snipes and it’s enjoyable sometimes but at other times players with thirty kills is annoying.