Letter of My Blood Sweat and Tears

I want to explain why i keep this site. I am a lone creator for this site. I am trying to get my older sister, Nellie to support the site. She doesn’t even really need to play the game she just needs to look at dota2.com and dota.wiki and help me create ideas for the game. I play the game like once every few months because I have other priorities and I keep this site as a hobby and pay for all the urls myself.
I would like more fans but i have no idea how to get them or how to keep my website and the game is hated right now. I don’t know how to repair the game

All the images are created, recreated, or combined by me. Some are photoshop art some are altered screenshots. The bad articles on this site is of my creation. I need to remake the art, ideas and articles once a month.

Keeping this site is not stressful but It’s time consuming and I don’t get paid for the amount of time I am putting into the site. I like the site and I like coming up with ideas but I don’t know how to write better articles. And I don’t know how to come up with my own digital art. I know how to come up with my own altered screenshots but the digital art is a pain to find and develop. Finding is just faster. Because I have alot of work and some things I cannot achieve with digital art. Like the birds eye view of the table in the teamwork article.