The son of a blind couple. Faithstroke wanted to be like his parents and his uncle. His uncle was an archer who competed against other archers to pay the bills. Inspired by his familly. Faithstroke learned to shoot arrows by wrapping a blindfold around his eyes to become a better shot.

Theft Shot
Faithstroke charges her bow for up to 1.0 second for a single powerful shot, which deals more damage the longer it is charged. The arrow damages enemies along its path. For each enemy hero that Powershot hits, the last casted spell from anyone on the map is casted around the damaged enemies.

Can shoot a tree and make it explode dealing damage in the area, enemies hit by the tree get splinters and are stunned for .3 seconds every second for the duration.

Blind Faith
Causes an ally to be immune to enemy spells, during this time they gain increased attack range on their attacks. Any enemy they attack are disarmed for the duration.

Enchants an area causing everyone in the area to have the mana held in place for the duration.