Legion The Phantom Armor


Cornered by Antimage, and silencer, the remaining 1000 who could not defeat him trapped their own souls into a suite of armor to take the hero down..

Where idea came from

I got this idea from the bible where a group of demons named legion possessed a man and was banished into a group of pigs that ran off a cliff

Legion the Phantom Armor

Mystic Bond
when active you target an ally any mana burned globally (including mana costs) replenish mana to Legion and the target ally or target allied controlled non hero. Both units are not influenced by dust or wards.

Remove Soul

Fragments a hero or units soul into parts. A cloud of soul fragments heals Legion and any friendly units nearby. Lasts 12.0 seconds. Can cast on allies or enemies. The target goes unconscious. It’s just nature’s attendants.

Ceremonial Cleansing

Changes a radius causing allies in the area to lose the ability to cast an ability lower than 400 radius but gain 2000 extra casting range on their all their abilities. Allies in the area share item stats by 200%/300%/400%/500%


Aphotic shield on a global level without the damage but a slow instead.