Night Ranger

A recruite of Turstarkuri. During her trainging she got trapped with windranger and nightstalker in a land with perpetual night. While Lyralei and nightstalker was training her she became a devoted ranger of the night and kept the ideals of all three of her mentors..

Black Arrow
Shoots an arrow any enemy hit drains mana from them and gives it to surrounding allies.

Magic Fiends
Nature’s Attendants that has wisps that burn mana from enemies. Any enemy attacked by a wisp is drained mana and has additional mana burned from them for the next eight physical or magical attacks. Physical and Magical Attacks stack.

Aim and Ready
Inreases the attack range of allies by 2000 but disallows allies from attacking lower than 300 range for the duration

Increases vision by night by 3000 for duration and day by 1000/1500/2000 range. Normal attacks drain mana and converts it into additional lifepoints for surrounding allies.