Voided Ember or Emberblade

Voided Ember or Emberblade

Replaced by Xin he was exiled from his station as an Fire Guardian and forced to fight along side the demons he hated.

Fire Bubbles.
Gives three abilities.

A blue bubble that causes the ally that stands in it to deal additional damage
A red bubble that explodes dealing damage in the surrounding area every time an ally in the bubble is attacked.
A yellow bubble that heals any ally that stands in it.

each bubble is around 250 radius
wen explode radius is 400 radius

Causes his attacks to burn mana. 150% of the burned mana deals damage in a 350 radius around the target.

Fire Sap
Absorbs life and magic from an enemy. The next attack they deal to Ember will deal 200% of the damage back to any enemy attacker

Exiled Shield.
Blocks 50% of damage. Any damage blocks heals allies on the map.