As a new recruite she was trained by Terrorblade to kill himself and the Turstarkuri if their power got out of control. because Terrorblade never wanted to have the problems of Selemende with his worshippers the Turstarkuri

Dust of Attraction
Creates an illusion that cannot attack or be attacked. It attaches it self to an enemy and doesn’t allow the enemy to blink or use movespeed increase abilities or items.

A normal blink with three charges

Absorbtion Shield
creates a shield that turns damage into healing. lasts 1 second and cooldown of 3 seconds. Dispels all enemy status effects in the surrounding area.

Heals by 200%/300%/400%/500%

Loss of Sight (Passive)
Everytime a unit loses 100/50/25 mana enemies take damage and 3 surrounding enemy illusions are killed.