E-Sports Bar

Sports bars are popping up constantly where i live. We have the new place near Kelsey’s, and we have Dave N Busters in the mall. The new place is always hopping with circulation around sports players. It has TV’s nestled up next to the bars and Television’s everywhere.
Dave has arcade games available and billiards available instead of the usual tv hoisted up above a bar.

Even with these additions to society. Society still doesn’t fully support Video games. We need support for pc and console games in restaurants. I have no idea how they would do it. Maybe have it where you can only watch pro starcraft matches, pro nintendo matches and pro dota matches about the vidoeo games.

Two ideas i had was a sports bar for starcraft called Tosh


A sports bar for DOTA called Elder Moon.

I have no idea how they would perfect the idea. I just don’t want high schoolers there. Both StarCraft and DOTA are geared towards adults. So the drinks and food would be made for adults. The atmosphere would be made for adults.