Item Patch Dreams 5/21/22

New Items


Item System Change

For boots to become masks or hats.

Item Changes

Power Treads – To allow travel through trees and 100% protection against 8 instances of physical or magical attacks. Gives additional life regen or lifepool or armor. and Gives additional attackspeed

Smoke of Deciet – Protects teammates in 1200 radius around casting from items like dust or abilities like track for 35 seconds or other instances of truesight.

Raindrops – Allows players to passively share a percent of their attributes with surrounding allies in a 800 aoe.

Ghost – Allows the player to function like Elder Titans Astral Spirit when active. (cast allied abilities when they cast their own abilities

Falcon Blade – Gives bloodseekers thirst ability for 15 minutes passively.

Truestrike – instead of countering evasion it turns evasion into a percentage physical damage block when it activates.

Witchblade – block 70% of feedback damage and turn 10% of physical and magical damage into additional mana for the hero. allows you to cast nether blast or crypt swarm

Rod of Atos – Creates a snow or sand storm. That redirects incoming magical and physical damage back to the owner and protects allies and self partially.

Solar Crest – passive decreased armor radius for enemies actively allows you to cast one of three abilities not sure which is the best choice. 1. fire spirits. 2. icarus dive or 3.searing chains

hood of defience – does what current blademail does but with magical attacks.

blademail – only redirects physical damage from attacks 450 attack range or lower

aeon disk – actively gives ice path or cold feet.

eye of skadi – gives cold snap actively passively gives additional daytime vision and night vision

mage slayer – passively lowers casting range and increase mana costs of enemies surrounding item bearer. Gives feedback.

eternal shroud – block 95% of feedback damage.

lens – give glimpse or x marks the spot actively. it will be problematic when playing drow or lina so a counter should be made good for countering weaver though sniff sniff countering all my favorite heroes.

veil – make magic weakness a passive in a 1200 aoe, new active replenishes all charge abilities by 10. including items like wand and urn.

skills that are needed items (& not neutral items)\

just have changed animation for this stuff so people won’t recognize it or complain