Frost Sniper v1.2

Extended Range

Imbues Nova arrows with Ice for extra damage

Duration: 3 attack rounds

Bonus Range: 700/900/1100/1300
cooldown: 14 seconnds

Nitrogen Shot

Releases two rounds simultaneously in quick succession. The first shot deals damage over time. The second shot encases an enemy unit in ice, prohibiting movement and attack.

On Creeps level six or lower, the ability lasts 10.0 seconds


Sprays a volley of ice from left to right and right to left. Slowing and damaging enemies.

Ice Shell

Frost Sniper becomes highly elusive, avoiding damage and gaining a bonus to her damage. The damage avoidance effects are separate and have a limited amount of instances. Increases movespeed when shell cracks.

Blastpack (aghnims Shared)

Allows her to travel up and down cliffs, Slows people in the desetination area when she goes up or down a cliff.