Frost Sniper v1.4

Extended Range

Imbues Nova arrows with Ice for extra damage

She cannot move while the ability is active.

Duration: 3 attack rounds

Bonus Range: 700/900/1100/1300
cooldown: 14 seconds

Nitrogen Shot

Releases two rounds simultaneously in quick succession. The first shot deals damage over time. The second shot encases an enemy unit in ice, prohibiting movement and attack.

On Creeps level six or lower, the ability lasts 10.0 seconds

Icy Works

She releases fireworks made of snow. It reveals a distant area for some time and slows enemies in the area.

Luminescent Embrace

Frost Sniper becomes highly elusive, avoiding damage and gaining a bonus to her damage. The damage avoidance effects are separate and have a limited amount of instances. Enemies stop being revealed when it cracks.

Blastpack (aghnims Shared)

Allows her to travel up and down cliffs, Slows people in the destination area when she goes up or down a cliff.

Items she creates

Proximity Blaster – attaches a bomb to a group of trees enemies that walk into it get trapped there for 3 seconds

Aghnanim’s blade – changes ranged heroes to melee heroes and changes heroes like hoodwink, sniper and frost snipers ranged abilities to something more melee can switch the ability to get a different effect.

Creators Notes

Have a hard time figuring out how to put in the name lady death she is based off of two parents and one child. King Arthur, Mariya Polivanova, and Yoda. They are so she has a positive and popular playtime like pudge. She makes wise choices like Yoda and Has good items like King Arthur and has the theme of Mariya

Mariya Polivanova
she was called lady death and what most of the abilities are made from.

King Arthur
so she can have the right items during a match and have a positive and popular playtime like pudge with his pulling and persuasive powers.

So the hero can make wise choices in life