Mechanics – Suggestors Perspective

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Every video game has rules it follows the player cannot do any mechanics that the game doesn’t allow which are made up of Video Game Physics limits, Laws, and volumes. The Physics Limits are not possible to be broken because it follows rules that the programmer made for the game. Rules are broken into three categories. The first rule type is game physics which are limits on how to function in the game. The second rule types are Game Laws which are rules that the player have to master to become a powerful player. The final rule type is Game volumes which are physics laws that change during the game but the player has to follow while playing. All of these rules a game developer calls mechanics for some reason.
It’s not always possible to return back to the platform in super smash brothers. The player will get a max of one or two jumps. Once you jump once or twice, out of bounds, the player falls to their death and are reborn on the platform.

It’s not worth being in every battle in DOTA and you cannot become powerful enough from not being present in the right battles. Battles cover a max of 2400 radius in dota. The battle covers the platform in super smash. When the players are not in these areas, in Dota, they get no experience. Experience is broken down into two categories: Perspicacity and Understanding. Perspicacity is something the player will gain in Dota to do well. As the player gains perspicacity, they gain additional levels and become more powerful than they did five minutes ago; If the player hangs around and survives battles within that five-minute window they get stronger. Understanding is different from perspicacity. It is the experience of learning the physical limits within the game, during a video game match.

Everything is timing in starcraft. The player has a small window of time to establish their base in the beginning of the match. After establishing the base, the player has to spend time and money on protecting the base and producing soldiers to establish any additional bases, and the player has to take control of any additional resources before producing soldiers for conquering enemy resources.

In starcraft the player cannot magically appear places and it’s the same in Dota. In starcraft, there are characters that can fly to places and the aircraft can carry ground soldiers to places but the flying aircraft have limits. Pylons and Zerg buildings can teleport soldiers to other locations and even create additional forces. But they have limits as well.

There are limits on teleporting also. In DOTA teleporting is different depending on the character, and a teleportation scroll can teleport a player to an allied building. Some characters need charges to teleport a short distance. Some characters need mana to teleport based on the limits of the character.
For example, teleporting with wisp is different from teleporting with antimage. Wisp has the ability to teleport himself and a chosen ally anywhere on the map. He can teleport in the enemy base. He can teleport in the river. He can even teleport right next to himself.
Wisp does contain a limit on his teleportation. He is returned back to a previous location after teleporting previously to somewhere else on the map. Even though he can teleport anywhere with an ally. If he doesn’t stay tethered to the ally then that tethered ally is left behind.
Anti-mage is different; He has more limits on his teleportation. He can teleport anywhere close by. He can only teleport a short distance. He can teleport across a body of trees. He can also teleport from one end of the cliff to another cliff that is separated by the river. He can also teleport into the river if he is on the cliff.

Another limit Anti-mage has is Mana. He cannot teleport unless he has enough energy to teleport. As long as he has that limit met. He can go anywhere he wants to. The magical cost is a volume limit. Because it is a rule that cannot be broken but becomes weaker as time goes on. A good thing about the software collaborative is they design the game around the blink. Some times the volume of the mana cost goes up some times it goes down. Most times it stays the same.
The final limit Anti mage has on his blink is a time cost called a cooldown. This volume limit is makes it so that you cannot spam the ability too much. It takes time to cast the ability after casting it before.

The physics law has a decree about how often you can cast it. The volume changes based on how many times you make the ability stronger.
The video game has another physics law that states that regular abilities you can make stronger four times. There are four iterations of each ability. An Ultimate has three iterations. An ultimate is suppose to be their signature ability but is usually there strongest ability.
There are no laws on signature abilities for some reason. The signature abilities are the ones the character is remembered for. Chaos Knight has two signature abilities. His teleport is not a normal ability you can meet an enemy in the middle of the place you are teleporting. His other signature ability is his Illusion ability. It makes it so that you can survive battles. Anti mage has one signature ability and that ability is counterspell.

Counterspell is a signature ability because it is unique out of all the abilities in the game and what the player remembers about the character. It is a signature ability that is also a regular ability. Some People remember him for his feedback and teleport. But those are normal abilities. Other heroes have feedback and other heroes have teleports. Counterspell returns a spell back to the enemy if antimage casts it in time to return the spell. Think of counterspell as a pingpong match where counterspell is the paddle and the incoming ability is the ball waiting to be returned to the opponent.

Laws in Video games are rules you have to master to be decent or seen as powerful in the game. In Valorant once the player learn where everyone appears without thinking about it. They become powerful at killing other players. This rule is the same for every video game. People appear in stereotypical places and it becomes easy to kill them.

In DOTA it is harder to master knowing where people appear because of teamwork. For example, I like to run through the trees to escape. The game started putting me with players that work as a team and don’t allow the shadows to disperse chasing me.
Once a player masters teamwork, they can master learning to find where players are in DOTA. It’s hard to explain why A first-person shooter is easier to kill people than in a game like DOTA. In Valorant or Mass Effect or Halo the players have a view of just where to aim the gun and the environment and anyone infront of the player. In DOTA the player have a view of a character from an airborne location and shadows hide players. The player contain their allies’ viewpoint but it’s not dependable unless players work as a team.

volumes are physics limits that change that a player will have to follow until they overcome that problem. As explained before, mana cost and cooldowns are volumes because they must follow them until that rule changes. Another volumes ability usage. Every time a player gets stronger they have more abilities in usage. Most heroes have four abilities. But some heroes have more. Invoker has around twenty-seven abilities. Lifestealer use to have one castable ability and three passive abilities. The volume states in Dota that every hero starts a match with one ability.

Passive abilities are abilities that work and the player doesn’t need to interact with the ability for it to work.
An ability that becomes difficult to explain, what it is called, is witchdoctor’s heal. Most abilities become unusable until the cooldown is met after casting the ability. But the witchdoctor’s heal is active until the player runs out of mana. When witchdoctor casts the ability he has the ability to turn it on and off. This is the witchdoctor’s signature ability.

Witch doctor’s heal is a signature ability because stun is just a chain ability. His Heal is not replicated. His ultimate is just a ward ability with channeling. And his poison ability is just a strong poison.

A physics law in the game is that an ultimate is the strongest ability. Each ability and Every ultimate in the game is the hero’s strongest ability. The hero cannot always get a frag or a snipe with the ultimate but it allows the player to get a kill sometimes.