Gold Fundamentals

I want to explain why there is no gold in super smash brothers, from my perspective as a suggestor. And why no gold should be added. It takes a lot of work to learn how to use gold in a game but there is no gold or wired perspicacity in Super smash brothers.

The game is too fast paced compared to Ancients, StarCraft and StormGate. It takes to long to shop. The game is very split second. In Ancients, Starcraft and other games the player has to make split decisions while shopping, and each game contains downtime so people can shop. Even still, Super Smash has no downtime all the focus is on the battle. The only downtime is for picking up items.

In Ancients, the focus is split between the minimap, the clock, the shop, allies viewpoint, your enemies items, your items, everyones levels and a whole host of other variables. The minimap is where one fifth of your attention has to be. The Clock and the shop are the other one fifth of your attention. Two fifths is split between trying to be in the right battle. The last is spent checking everyones stats on the map, and the player knowing where to be on the field.

StarCraft has similar variables. Soldiers are the main upkeep besides each base, farming and detection are the next bar in upkeep. If the player can micro manage their base and soldiers properly then they will have a fruitatious time. It takes a lot of work and timing and practice to be deligent in StarCraft. A soldier’s life is not expendable in this game, until you have to many bases.

In Super Smash Brothers, Players feel like they get a prize when the player picks up one of the items that appear randomly after the item drops from the sky. Suggestors don’t know why this is. It’s a real puzzlement but you feel rewarded when you pickup an item and get to use it on an enemy. As a result their are no healing items. Every item is a damage item.

StarCraft you sustain your army with the Minerals (Gold) in the game. As the game further, the player develops a better handle on battles and wastefulness. Waste in StarCraft is calculated. The player has to waste soldiers and buildings to be compentent at the game.

Ancients you sustain your hero with the Gold in the game. In Ancients, the hero abilities, items and experience have to be maintained. During a team match, allies have to maintain each other also. In a bot match, the enemy AI maintains the players, the team has figured out much with allied AI besides pinging, and listening to complaints.

Valorant you have to overcome your limits with the Gold in the game. Valorant has a system where the player shops for items (Guns, and abilities) before a match . Super Smash Brothers can adopt this system but the characters might become overpowered. Also Super Smash wouldn’t feel like a party game if super smash adopted Valorant’s system.

Items in Super Smash have the same value system. The Bat the player hits another player. The egg becomes other items. The Pokemon hit enemy players. Pikachu and Jigglypuff have no competition, they both are controllable by the player and can cast other pokemon. Pokeballs can hit enemy players and still cast a pokemon.

They all knock you into the air or off the platform. Our team doesn’t know why this is, but a lot of the items knock you into the air even an egg can knock you into the air. The only item that isn’t violent is the star. The star is the item that makes you invulnerable and invincible during the match. It even plays separate music during this time period.

Items in Ancients become outdated as the game progresses. Cheap items become powerless as the game progresses.

The few items that are non-perishable cost around $2000 gold. For example, Blink dagger. It’s an item worth it on most characters aka heroes especially to replace boots. It allows the player to teleport a short distance. Another item is Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. It allows the player to setup other abilities by throwing an enemy or self in the air. For example, a player can eul’s themself and if timed right, can teleport away with blinkdagger. Puck is famous for doing this.

Soldiers in Starcraft become outdated as the game progresses. As the game progress, either a bigger army is needed or an army with more variety. Mass Developing Zerglings or Mass Spawnning Marines and Medivacs can win a match sometimes. With so much on the line, a game can become complicated real fast.

weapons become consumed in valorant as the game progresses. Each match the player gains and loses gold. The player loses gold when they shop in the beginning of a match. And the player gains gold after a match ends. It becomes a problem if the player doesn’t know how to exploit the game.

Super Smashes Defining moments are that the characters are the same from the beginning of the match until the end. It’s a party game, it’s only meant for a quick fix in the match realm. Characters don’t gain experience and are not expendable. There’s no need for gold because it’s a simplistic game that requires quick thinking to overcome difficulties.