Remake Set 1


Antimage needs three upgrades.

  1. A better system for blinking it should be faster like with Hookwink and Void Spirit
  2. A better feedback ability
  3. A magic absorption ability

Drow Ranger

Drow ranger’s problems are

  1. Her name…it should be constellation
  2. Replace marksmanship completely
  3. multishot requires you to standstill she has to be on the move against melee and when using frost arrows she has no time to stand still

Witchdoctor or Dazzle

Needs to have an ability that represents healing allies when an enemy kills a unit. I got this idea from watching a television show where the plant disease in humans died when the main source was killed.’


Trees need to be remade. If you have a secondary tree type like giant mushroom then you can have enemies slowed or revealing truesight or giving vision in an area a giant mushroom is destroyed. It will make it where supports can stay near carries longer.