Abilities Set 2

Any negative status effects cause enemies damage in the area and don’t inflict statuses on allies.

Deals 250//300/350/400 damage everytime a positive status effect tries to inflict damage on an enemy. Each attack by the hero slows down movespeed of enemies by 200%.

The hero leaves himself vulnerable protecting every ally in a 900 radius from death but himself. If he dies or the duration fades the spell is disabled.

sends out a voice call that signals where enemies are hidden on the minimap for 1 second. Actual Echo location mixed with the ability thirst.

Chains of Vladmir

Chains allies together anytime the hero attacks, chained allies replenish health base on 130%/140%/ and 150% of her damage. Reduces Status resistance by 65%

Guiding Light

Creates a set of light beam that function like broods webs


Creates a storm that functions like sandstorm made of snow