Journal Episode 1

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Got a chance to look at Blurpi’s new video. It’s been a couple months since the release but it looks decent. Videos like this always show the inventive ness of the community. Like the self deny by bloodseeker in the video.

Funny thing today, i got excused of hacking the game. i only know JASS and startedit. I don’t know enough about the game to hack. I just got a lucky powershot thats all.

If they had walked somewhere other than the dire bottom forest they would have survived.

5 scariest roller coaster drops in the world: The hills that thrill | CNN  Travel

Last week we went to Kings dominion at church. I went blind while on the rollercoaster for like for 2 seconds. I forgot who i was sitting next to but i screamed out when i went blind.

What made this extra special is i imagined myself as weaver. He’s a good support carry. His ghouls provide good vision and he is fast and has options while shukuchi is active.

Exo-Memory — Dota 2 fan art in coming!! Pudge this time!. Or my...

Today i heard a rumor of a new forum other than I am excited. Ice frog is suppose to be more involved with the community with this website.

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There are many things to take into account when making a suggestion. For example Feedback. It burns mana and makes it so that Heroes cannot cast abilities.