Reborn Content

Poison Ivy needs to be remade with simple things like the bear trap being a vine trap or a venus trap

The xelnaga had no real imagination put into them. They were just mini roshans

roshan should function like the robots in kerrigan’s level and the car chase in nova’s level just change him back to the stomp when he is too popular

Have three extra ability slots for every hero mirroring aghnims, heroes and other items that provide that service

Custom pick screen that mixes dota’s pick and ban system with valorant’s pick before you play system

This pick screen system should only be used if you want people identifying heroes with pro players. Basically have it where each player chooses a model and each model comes with ten sets of four spells. and during the pick and ban phase you pick which spellset you dont want the hero to have a choice to use. (you cannot swap spells after the game starts)

The game should have six abilities so people can figure out the pattern of how to play the hero easier.

Have another type of clothing work like boots only for increasing gold like gloves or something.